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Mulching your trees and landscape beds has many benefits. Mulch helps retain moisture in the soil, keeps the soil and roots at a more consistent temperature, and adds in some nutrients as it decomposes.

Hydrangeas have become a staple in the landscaping word, and for good reason! Large, long lasting blooms, multiple color options, different sizes to match your needs, and over all and easy maintenance plant. Pruning hydrangeas is simple, you just need to know what kind you have!

Winter burn is discoloration resulting from plants not able to take up moisture from the ground because of our harsh winter and the frozen ground.  This can cause needles or leaves of evergreens to dry out.

Evergreens can loose moisture through their leaves or needles in the winter months.  When the ground is frozen, the plants’ roots cannot absorb the moisture it needs.  Add some sunny days thru the winter and evaporation increases.  Discolored or “burned” foliage may start to appear.  This discoloration usually appears on the side of the plant facing the sun or the side with exposure to the wind.  Please note, this can also occur with plants too close to a dryer or furnace vent.

Please be patient with these plants.  Make sure they have adequate water and wait to trim until new growth appears.