Lawn Maintenance Services

Spring & Fall Clean-ups

Paul Swartz Nursery offers spring (March through May) and fall (October through November) commercial and residential clean-ups.  Clean-ups include trimming of shrubs and perennials, pruning trees, and removing leaves and other debris.  Clean-ups can also include edging of beds, a layer of fresh mulch, and any other required maintenance.

Lawn Maintenance

Our service agreements begin in April/May and end in late October/November, or as needed.  These agreements include weekly mowing of all lawn areas, edge and trim work, and clearing of all hard surfaces.  Paul Swartz Nursery offers both commercial and residential lawn maintenance services.

Other Lawn Services

Paul Swartz Nursery offers an array of other lawn and yard care services, including plant trimming and pruning, lawn fertilization, weed and disease control services, and chemical applications.

We offer all these services to commercial and residential customers in Kenosha, Racine, and Walworth counties, as well as Northern Illinois.