‘Royal Star’ Star Magnolia

  • Size

    10-15′ Tall and Wide

  • Light Requirements

    Full sun to part shade

  • Soil and Moisture Requirements

    Moist, rich, well drained soils. Does well in loamy soils

  • Growth Rate

    Slow (less than 1’/year)

  • Season of Interest

    Mid spring

  • Flower Color


  • Fruit

    Cone like aggregate of follicles that will split when matured to show redish orange seeds

  • Fall Color


  • Uses

    This small statured, white flowering magnolia would be a beautiful addition to a sheltered front entry way. The elegant flowers make it an excellent choice to add to your landscaping near decks or patios where you can observe the flowers closely as well. The ‘Royal Star’ can be added into flowering hedge rows in groups or be planted separately as a gorgeous specimen tree in a landscape bed. Like all magnolias, a late frost can damage the flower buds and flowers. Planting these trees in more sheltered areas can help reduce the chance of frost damage.