‘Quick Fire’ Hydrangea Tree Form

  • Size

    6-8′ Tall and Wide

  • Light Requirements

    Full sun to partial shade

  • Soil and Moisture Requirements

    Moist, rich well draining soil

  • Growth Rate

    Fast (~1.5’/year)

  • Season of Interest

    Late summer through fall

  • Flower Color

    Starts white then turns pink. The pink color will darken as fall continues.

  • Fruit

    Capsule, no true ornamental value

  • Fall Color

    Rusty red to dark orange

  • Uses

    The ‘Quick Fire’ Hydrangea tree form is a beautiful, short statured plant that can add some height to your flower beds. Reaching roughly 8 feet tall, this small flowering tree would be a great accent outside a window to enjoy the late summer blooms. The white flowers that turn pink as the season progresses adds a dynamic component to any landscape bed. No matter where you find a home for this plant, the long lasting dynamic blooms and the beautiful rusty fall color will add great ornamental interest to your landscape.