‘Jane’ Magnolia

  • Size

    20-25′ Tall and Wide

  • Light Requirements

    Full sun to part shade

  • Soil and Moisture Requirements

    Moist, rich, well drained soils. Does well in loamy soils

  • Growth Rate

    Slow (less than 1’/year)

  • Season of Interest

    Mid to late spring

  • Flower Color

    Underside of the petals are purple while the upper side is white to light pink

  • Fruit

    Cone like aggregate of follicles that will split when matured to show red seeds

  • Fall Color


  • Uses

    The ‘Jane’ magnolia is another variety that is a later bloomer, protecting it from some of those late frosts. Its smaller stature makes it a great option for a foundation planting or planting under utility lines. Planting magnolias near your deck or patio provides shade from the big leaves, light fragrance from the flowers, and a pop of color when it is in bloom. These can be clustered as an informal hedge as well.