‘Ivory Silk’ Japanese Tree Lilac

  • Size

    20-25′ Tall

    15-20′ Wide

  • Light Requirements

    Full sun to part shade

  • Soil and Moisture Requirements

    Prefers rich well drained soils. Adaptable to most soil types

  • Growth Rate

    Moderate (1-1.5’/year)

  • Season of Interest

    Late spring/early summer

  • Flower Color

    Off white/cream

  • Fruit

    After flowering the tree will hold on to branching, capsule-like structures that remain through fall

  • Fall Color


  • Uses

    ‘Ivory Silk Lilac’ is a beautiful, large stature lilac. Both single stem and multi-stem will reach 20-25′ tall and 15-20′ wide. It’s a great option for a narrow flowering tree. The flowers on this lilac will bloom around June with large white/cream flowers. With a moderate height and more upright branching, this tree would be great planted off the corner of your house. Use the multi-stem form by your patio for some extra privacy. Its compact form also makes it an excellent option for a street tree under powerlines.