‘Chanticleer’ Ornamental Pear

  • Size

    25-35′ Tall

    15-20′ Wide

  • Light Requirements

    Full sun

  • Soil and Moisture Requirements

    Well drained, loamy soils. Adaptable to most soil types

  • Growth Rate

    Fast (1.5-2’/year)

  • Season of Interest

    Spring, fall

  • Flower Color


  • Fruit

    Greenish – tan pomes about 1/2″ in diameter

  • Fall Color


  • Uses

    The ‘Chanticleer’ ornamental pear has a narrow, upright form that makes this tree a perfect candidate for smaller areas. Plant this tree alone or in clusters on your property line to add some privacy. Use the ‘Chanticleer’ to line your driveway and enjoy driving through the beautiful white blooms in spring and gorgeous foliage in the fall.