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Holiday Hours

We are going to be open on Saturday May 26th from 8:00 am – 12:00 pm.  We will be closed on Monday also for the holiday.

Trimming Ornamental Grasses – Spring Plant Care Tips

Spring is the time to trim your ornamental and native grasses.  You will want to get this done before the new growth begins. Cut all of your grasses down to just a few inches above the ground.  You want to remove all of last year’s foliage to allow the new growth to emerge from the crowns. Some […]

Pruning Hydrangeas

Spring is the best time to prune your hydrangeas before the new growth comes in.  This also helps maintain good plant health. Know which type of hydrangea you have: Arborescens, Macrophylla and Paniculata.   Arborescens varieties include:  Annabelles, Snowhill and Invincibelle Spirit. ***   When pruning this variety, it is best to trim down to ground […]